Retail park planned next to Railway Station

Polish State Railways (PKP) invite all interested entities to negotiate in order to select the investor for the execution of the development project to be located on Oddziałów Młodzieży Powstańczej Sq. The scheme would be carried out within the Small Development Projects (SDP, „Małe Projekty Deweloperskie”) involving six other PKP’s locations across the country.

© PKP S.A.; example arrangement of Oddziałów Młodzieży Powstańczej Sq.
© PKP S.A.; example arrangement of Oddziałów Młodzieży Powstańczej Sq.

The square is situated in front of the Railway Station’s south entrance. The future project’s characteristic involves the construction of a retail park and redevelopment of the existing Railway Station’s entrance hall. Additionally, a new car park will be created. According to PKP, the commercial area of the scheme would cover up to 700 sq. meters to be implemented on the plot of 3 208 sq. meters (Oddziałów Młodzieży Powstańczej Sq.).

Since 12th of June, the potential investors can acquire the investment memorandum containing detailed information on the project. Only potential investors, which get the memorandum, submit a written response to the invitation, meet formal requirements and show the relevant experience shall be allowed to negotiate. After formal requirements are met, they are expected to submit a bid for at least two properties listed in the Small Development Projects prepared in individual, independent parts for each property.

The proceeding regarding the selection of the Investor is divided into two stages. During the initial proceeding PKP shall perform an assessment of responses to the invitation submitted by the potential investors. As a result of the aforementioned assessment, PKP may select several potential investors with which it shall negotiate. At the negotiations stage, PKP shall select the investor which have submitted a bid with the highest result based on assessment criteria determined by PKP.

Responses to the invitation should be submitted by 4th of August 2014. Potential investors shall be notified of the results of the initial stage of the proceeding and selection for the negotiations stage by 25th of August 2014.

The Polish State Railways have already completed one large development project in Katowice. Together with its partners, Neinver and Meyer Bergman, PKP executed the Intergrated Communication Center on Szewczyka Sq., consisting of a new railway station, new underground bus station, the Galeria Katowicka shopping center and an underground car park with 1 200 parking places.