Revamped Terranova to make its debut at Libero

© Echo Investment; visualization of Galeria Libero's interior

For its 30th anniversary, the Italian fashion brand has decided to present itself to its customers in a new guise. The first Polish store sporting a totally new look and layout will open at the Libero shopping and entertainment complex this year.

Launched in 1988, Terranova is the only Italian fast fashion brand with stores all over Italy and over 400 stores in 40 countries around the world, managed both directly by Teddy and through the franchising format ‘on a sale-or-return basis’.

The brand’s two floors will occupy an area of 1 300 sq. meters in Libero and will be the largest store of any of its Polish locations. „As a result of this latest contract, we are fast approaching the end of the leasing stage” – says Michał Banasik, senior leasing manager in the Shopping Centres Department at Echo Investment.

The new Terranova concept draws inspiration from Italy, the brand’s country of heritage. Customers will encounter new solutions and facilities that will make them feel comfortable within the store and enjoy shopping, according to the brand.

„For us, everyone is unique. That’s why we want everyone who visits the Terranova shop to feel at home and to have a positive experience. And may each shopping trip, be the best present” – says Andrea Arcangeli, Terranova’s brand manager. He adds that while designing the in-store arrangement, he tried to reflect upon the atmosphere of the sunny and colourful Adriatic Riviera, which is world famous for its hospitality, sociability and positive energy. The first store in line with the new concept, debuted at the end of last year in Pesaro and will become the new store design in over 40 stores in 13 countries, within the end of 2018.

To help create the new arrangement, the brand has invited the renowned British design studio Checkland Kindleysides, which has implemented design for the world’s largest brands, including for Hermès, American Eagle, Adidas, Levi’s and Converse. The designers, together with the brand owners, agreed that it is hard to find a better way to capture its uniqueness than referring to the symbols of the place from which Terranova hails – cheerful people, sun, sea and sea-washed wood.

The architect and shop designer Giacomo Ferri, responsible for the whole project, emphasizes that the inspiration for the concept were real paintings and architectural forms characteristic of the Adriatic Riviera. „In order to reflect the climate of seaside promenades and the sandy Adriatic coast, we used various materials imitating sand or wood on the floor. We wanted our clients to quickly find out what zone they are in” – adds Ferri.

All of the decorative elements and wall graphics have been designed in such a way as to encourage shoppers to pause briefly, to stop and focus on them. In addition, part of the surface of the walls is entirely intended to displaying products, as well sharing stories related to the brand. Terranova has also focused on the overall shopping convenience. Special shopping paths have been marked out in the salons, each in a different colour scheme. They are designed to smoothly guide customers through the shop’s vast offer. Giacomo Ferri points out that their functionality is further enhanced by the specially selected lighting – reminiscent of the blue sky of the Riviera – and the furniture and stands marking out the aisles. Products will be segregated into cubes stylized as wooden seaside boxes.

In the new concept, Terranova has also introduced some innovative solutions. The first of the two most important are, special touch screens installed inside the changing-rooms, through which customers can contact the salon assistants and ask, e.g. for a different size of the tried-on item.

The second, much more advanced solution, is the interactive Digital point panel. First of all, it combines shopping at a high-street store with that of the online store. Also, Terranova in-store customers can, or will be able to in the near future, as full Digital Point functionality is only available in Italy for now, perform tasks such as order items online with free collection in the store or opt for home delivery, try and return items bought in the e-shop or register for loyalty and gift cards.