Rezydencje Bałtycka – luxury in Panewniki

Six luxurious villas are planned to be built in the western district of Panewniki. This new residential scheme is being prepared by the well-known car dealer MM Cars.

The development consists of six independent residences designed on a 1,3 ha plot covered by trees and greenery. This cosy housing project was called “Rezydencje Bałtycka” (Bałtycka Residences). According to the investor, the offer is addressed to all who appreciate modern architecture and the luxury of spacious interiors outfitted and furnished in the style of minimalism.

“We are prepared to start the investment – we have obtained a valid building permit and chose a prime contractor, which will conduct construction works on the residences. However we check the demand as we make the construction launch conditional on the customers interest” – said Anna Ochenkowska, Board of Directors’ Assistant at MM Cars.

Each of the buildings will be a two-storey facility featuring a garage and two terraces. Inhabitants will have over 400 sq. meters of usable area at their disposal in the residence. The whole property (a parcel of land) will cover from 1 400 to 3 700 sq. meters.

The final project is a result of work of two Upper Silesian architectural studios. Medusa Group was responsible for the project concept, Maag Studio prepared the detailed design.

The buildings will be erected on Bałtycka St.

© MM Cars; Rezydencje Bałtycka