Rockwell Automation moves 500 workers to A4 Business Park

Rockwell Automation will move about 500 employees of its local branch to a new location this autumn. The company has leased offices in the third stage of Echo Investment’s A4 Business Park.

Rockwell Automation, headquartered in Milwaukee, is the largest global firm dedicated to industrial automation and information. It hires 22 500 people around the world and more than 1 000 in Katowice. The company is present in the city since May 2006. Now it owns a factory plant at 49 Roździeńska St. and has several hundred office workers in two locations – in an office part of the plant and in Francuska Office Center.

More than 500 of the employees will be moved to the third building of A4 Business Park. The company will occupy over 7 000 sq. meters in the office facility, according the leasing contract signed in the first quarter this year. A human resources & payroll and finance center as well as software development center will be based in the new seat.

The tenant was represented by CBRE during the negotiation process with Echo Investment.

The third building of A4 Business Park is being erected at 46 Francuska St. The stage is expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2016.

© Echo Investment; first building of A4 Business Park
© Echo Investment; first building of A4 Business Park