Rondo Towers will not be erected

TDJ Estate has announced a few days ago to start the demolition work on the former „DOKP” building this year. At the same time, rumors and speculations about the new project do not fall silent.

High expectations are understandable as the new office scheme may consist of a high-rise building. It would be the first office tower erected in Katowice for over a decade – Altus, the tallest building in the City (125 meters high), had officially been opened in 2003. Additionally, DOKP and the construction plot are perfectly exposed and are located at 1 Roździeńskiego Av., close to the „Spodek” sport and exhibition hall, and the newly-delivered seat of the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra.

In November, the Association of Business Service Leaders in Poland (ABSL) released a report concerning the new business services sector in Katowice. The report contains an office chapter where the City’s office market was reviewed and includes recent lease agreements, a list of buildings available for rent and office schemes to be erected in the nearest future by developers. According to the authors of the report, TDJ Estate plans to raise two buildings named Rondo Towers I and II. The office area of the complex would be amounted to 35 000 sq. meters.

The Chief Executive Officer of TDJ Estate is of different opinion. „I deny. We have never been considering this amount of space. Also, the new project will not be named Rondo Towers. We will be able to disclose more details about the scheme at the beginning of 2015” – commented Maciej Wójcik, CEO of TDJ Estate.

The developer holds an administrative decision enabling to apply for building permit of two buildings: 55 and 115 meters in height. However, the company has recently filed a motion to obtain new land development conditions for the complex due some slight changes in the project. Medusa Group from Bytom was appointed by TDJ Estate to prepare an architectural design of the buildings.