Roof emerges on platform 2

Redevelopment of the platform number 2 was commenced in September last year. Nowadays, the works are slowly going to an end. The company of PRK Kraków, a prime contractor of the Railway Station’s platforms revamp, already started to construct a steel structure of the roof.

“The works on the platform 2 are about 80% finished. The prime contractor has completed all reinforcement concrete works. Now the firm has to perform a new surface of the platform, elements of small architecture and information system for passengers. Last weeks, montage works were begin on the structure of the roof” – says Janusz Ossowski, contract manager at PKP PLK S.A., an investor of the undertaking.

The new roof will be covering all four platforms of the Station including intertrack spaces. After finishing the present construction work, the builder’s crew will move to the platform 3 and afterwards to the platform 4. Works on the platform 1 were conducted by Transkol Sp. z o.o. last year excluding the roof.

“While the company proceeds with the roof installation on the consecutive platforms, roof works on the platform 1 will be performed in the meantime. First we want to build all the four roofs on the four platforms and then we will piece them together by installing the last roof’s elements over the intertrack spaces. All together it will create a one solid structure of the Station’s roof” – Ossowski adds.

Due to the hard frost, a range and pace of the works were limited during last weeks. The platforms and its roof are to be finished by 30th of November 2012. The redevelopment costs net PLN 49,57 million.

Construction work on the new Railway Station, first of sixteen cup-shaped pillars and Galeria Katowicka being currently developed at Szewczyka Sq., view from the platform number 1: