Sales started by JHM Development

JHM Development commenced the construction work on the first stage of „Twoja Dolina” on Pułaskiego St. at the beginning of May. Sales of the apartments have also been started recently. Each of the housing units were priced individually.

© JHM Development; first stage of the Twoja Dolina housing estate

The first stage of the investment involves the works on two buildings: 8- and 9-storey, in which 196 apartments and 9 commercial premises were designed. At present, a foundation of the two facilities is being built. Delivery of the first stage will take place at the end of 2016.

The developer also inaugurated the sales – the smallest units cover the area of 19 sq. meters, and the most spacious units are 78 sq. meters large. Part of the offer is qualified to be sold within the „Mieszkanie dla Młodych” governmental programme. That means the price per one square meters amounts to PLN 4 770. It is the lowest rate to be paid for one square meter in „Twoja Dolina”. The most expensive are the apartments with terraces located on top floors – customers have to pay PLN 6 000 for these units.

The developer hopes for success and underscores assets of the estate. „Apart from the location on the pond, our project is distinguished itself by large balconies and terraces designed in each of the apartments. By using a so called parklift system we offer a high parking place ratio, i.e. 1,5 of parking place per one apartment” – said Kaja Mirgos, sales director at JHM Development.

249 parking places will be located under the ground. Over half of these will be arranged as two-car parking places created within the mechanical platforms enabling to park two cars above each other. Additional 60 places for cars will be available on the ground in front of the buildings.

„Twoja Dolina” is the first project of JHM Development in Katowice. In total, over 300 apartments will be erected in four buildings within this estate. The construction work is being conducted by Mirbud.