Science and Technology Park delivers eleventh modern building

The Science and Technology Park of Euro-Centrum celebrated opening of its eleventh building last Friday. The facility was built with the usage of low energy solutions. Also, the largest Polish photovoltaic installation for research purposes was presented the same day.

The eleventh building of the Science and Technology Park of Euro-Centrum
The eleventh building of the Science and Technology Park of Euro-Centrum

The new building covers the area of 1 200 sq. meters. The solutions applied within the construction process will enable to use not more than 40 kWh of heat power per one square meter per year. „The newly opened building was created for innovative companies. In October, several dozen of engineers and specialists will start its work here. They will be involved in the designing and production of electronic components for automotive industry as well as of gas sensors for coal mining” – said Roman Trzaskalik, president of the Science and Technology Park of Euro-Centrum.

The main tenant will be the SGX company, which works on the fore-mentioned solutions for automotive and coal mining branches. Also, the building will be occupied by the laboratory of the photovoltaic farm. PV modules were installed on the building’s facade and roof. The farm will produce the energy for the park purposes and will enable to conduct researches on the photovoltaic technology. „Now we can use the real installation to measure and compare different locations of the panels (facade, roof, ground, trackers and car ports in the future) at the same sun exposure. Also, we will monitor the quality of the electric energy, and analyze costs and advantages of the energy production” – explained Stanisław Grygierczyk, science and environmental coordinator at the Science and Technology Park.

The building installation is part of the Smart Grid Laboratory and Photovoltaic Cells Laboratory. It consists of one thousand photovoltaic modules, which enable to receive 350 kWp of power. „The numbers make it the largest photovoltaic research farm in Poland” – Roman Trzaskalik added.

The building is located in the south part of the park at 103 Ligocka St. It was designed by Sławomir Kostur and was erected by HB-Unibud from Czechowice-Dziedzice, Poland. The project was co-financed from the EU funds.