Science and Technology Park expands again

The Science and Technology Park of Euro-Centrum started its next investments. A new assembly and warehouse hall is being built in Euro-Centrum. Also, the company is expanding the innovative and energy-saving building delivered in 2009.

The construction works were launched in June. It was only about three months after the opening of the latest Euro-Centrum’s undertaking – the passive building. Now the park is erecting the assembly and warehouse hall destined for companies which conduct research, development or innovative activities. The building will be raised in accordance with the energy-efficient technologies. The area will cover approximately 1 500 sq. meters.

The most important feature of the facility will be a demonstration plant of about 800 modules of photovoltaic cells with a rated power of 180 kWp. The installation will be used for the research of efficiency of the photovoltaic modules. It will also become an integral part of the smart grids’ laboratory. The installation, which will be integrated with the building management system (BMS) and the data center (IT Platform), is designed as an essential element of the demonstration and local distributed power grid (virtual power station).

„We expect to put the hall into service by the end of march 2015. The investment process is being executed according to the schedule at present” – said Agnieszka Zięcina, public relations director at the Euro-Centrum’s Science and Technology Park. The construction work is being executed by „Przedsiębiorstwo Robót Budowlanych i Transportowych CECHINI”.

Moreover, the park has commenced the extension of the existing intelligent and energy-saving building. Additional two storeys will be added at the top of the three-storey facility. This way, the total area of the building will be expanded by approximately 1 400 sq. meters. „The new space will be assigned for offices and research activities. The extension should be commenced at the end of this year” – Agnieszka Zięcina added.

The development undertakings are being co-financed by the European Union within the European Regional Development Fund. The park authorities already announced to start new building projects in the nearest future.

The Science and Technology Park of Euro-Centrum is located at 103 Ligocka St.