Shell Aviation launches operations at Katowice Airport

Shell Aviation enters Polish market and will now provide fuel supply and refuelling services to airlines at Katowice International Airport (KTW). In this way, Katowice becomes the first airport in Poland where Shell Aviation operates.

Thanks to the entry of Shell at KTW, the airport will benefit from the global company’s experience and will increase fuel price competitiveness. “The presence of Shell Aviation at Katowice International Airport marks the continued growth and prestige for us as we are the first airport in Poland chosen by the company. It is also the first global fuel supplier at KTW what enables us to provide fuel services for a wider range of airlines as some of them have signed agreements for refuelling with Shell” – explained Cezary Orzech, press spokesman at Katowice International Airport.

The start of Shell’s fuel supply operations at KTW was inaugurated a few days ago. It is the third fuel supplier at the airport after Petrolot and Baltic Ground Services. According to the international aviation law, an airport which handles over 2 million passengers yearly have to provide at least two fuel suppliers for airlines operating at that airport – the passengers traffic at KTW exceeded two million in 2008 and grows (2,55 million in 2012).

Every day Shell Aviation provides fuel for almost 7 000 aircrafts, refuelling a plane every 12 seconds, at over 800 airports in more than 40 countries. Shell Aviation’s customers range from the private pilot to the largest global airlines. The company is one of the few energy companies with research and development facilities dedicated to the aviation sector.