Shell completed of multidisciplinary hospital

White elevation has recently been emerged on a multidisciplinary hospital called Geo Medical. Prime contractor already crossed half-way mark of works.

The construction of the project was inaugurated in July 2013 and was divided into stages. The multidisciplinary hospital will consist of three 6-storey buildings housing 15 wards (offering 230 hospital beds in total) and an operating department with 8 operating suites. The hospital will cover an area of approximately 16 500 sq. meters.

In the first stage, two buildings of the hospital are being erected. „Geo Grupa Deweloperska”, an investor of the undertaking, singed an agreement for the construction of the above buildings with Erbud. The first stage of the undertaking will be delivered by the prime contractor in the turn of 2015 and 2016. The scope of works involves the construction of the multidisciplinary hospital with operating theater and underground car park, including in-building service systems, on-site lighting, services and utilities, road assets, greenery and structural landscaping.

By now, the shell of the buildings has been completed – the facilities were topped out, roof was laid, windows and doors were mounted. Additionally, the elevation covering is almost done. Works inside the hospital will now be executed involving walls partition and installation of medical equipment.

The multidisciplinary hospital is being built at the corner of Ceglana and Wita Stwosza streets. The third building, where the remaining wards will be located, is scheduled for delivery within the second stage of the project. The whole medical complex will also feature a 8 555 sq. meters four-star hotel (180 rooms) with a conference area and a diagnostic-therapeutic center to be erected in the years to come. The architectural design of the project was prepared by the UCEES studio from Kraków.

The Geo Medical hospital will be specialized in the oncologist treatment with the usage of chemotherapy, surgery and hyperthermia. Additionally, one of the hospital buildings will be equipped with the radiology information system.

The entire worth of the investment is about PLN 264 million.