Shell of Galeria Libero for PLN 75 milion

Erbud was named a prime contractor of the shell of Galeria Libero, which is being developed by Echo Investment in the southern part of Katowice.

© Echo Investment; Galeria Libero
© Echo Investment; Galeria Libero

Echo Investment concluded a contract with Erbud concerning the construction of the Galeria Libero’s shell. The contract amounts to net PLN 75 million. The prime contractor is obliged to finish the works by 14th of September 2017.

“The construction of our project is on schedule. We finished the cleaning and demolition work and Erbud is to start the construction work before the end of September” – says Mariusz Szatański, project manager in Echo Investment’s Shopping Center Department.

Advanced commercialization of Galeria Libero is in progress at the same time. The developer has already signed a contract with Martes Sport, which is to open a shop with the area of 1 200 sq. meters in the retail and entertainment center. The leader of the electronics industry – Media Markt – is announcing a completely new design of its shop. Tenants also include a pharmacy, Apteka Europejska as well as the Lancerto all-Poland chain offering men’s fashion. The sports character of Galeria Libero is emphasized by contracts which have already been signed with the Fabryka Formy chain of fitness clubs, among others. The ‘Food & Ball’ sports pub is to be opened in Libero. It is a new concept of Arkadiusz Milik, a football representative of Poland who plays for Ajax Amsterdam.

“We are finalizing a number of new contracts which concern new concepts related to recreation, education and entertainment. We will soon be reporting new boutique tenants,’ says Tomasz Domoń, commercialization team manager in Echo Investment’s Shopping Center Department.

Galeria Libero will offer more than 150 shops, numerous restaurants, cafes, clubs, cinema multiplex, squash and badminton courts, fitness club and a billiards club. According to Echo Investment, Libero is the only one place in the region to have such an extensive sports and recreational offer. It will also have a modern city square which features fountains, amphitheatre, skate park, ice-rink as well as places for recreation, stationary games and other outdoor activities.

Libero is being developed at the junction of Kolejowa and Kościuszki streets. Its opening is planned for spring of 2018.