Silesia Business Park starts to grow

After several months of slowdown, Skanska accelerates the development of Silesia Business Park’s first building.

Silesia Business Park - first building under construction
Silesia Business Park - first building under construction

The preparatory work on the investment was commenced in March 2013. During the time, Skanska has erected a two-storey car park designed as a common footing of the buildings. The works were slowed down in summer. As the project was launched on a speculative basis, Skanska made the continuation of works conditional on successful letting of office spaces.

Now the first building is growing and, according to unofficial information, soon we can expect that the project status will be changed – from „preparatory works” to „underway”. The development of a core part of the building is now reaching 3rd floor (6th storey) and first concrete pre-fabricated elements of the construction were already mounted at the levels 0, 1 and 2. Floor of the level 1 was also laid. Additionally, bricklaying were started at the car pak’s storeys.

Each of the four buildings of Silesia Business Park will reach the height of 59 meters – 11 floors (14 storeys) and will offer 11 555 sq. meters of leasable space.