Silesia Business Park will get ever-changing colour gradient facade

While the construction of the first office building of Silesia Business Park is going up and the topping out is expected in April, works have been already commenced on the facade. Skanska Property Poland, a developer of the office complex, now reveals how the elevation will look like.

Skanska SA, a prime contractor of the undertaking, started to assembly the facade of the Silesia Business Park’s first building in February. Then the construction crews have set up scaffoldings and covered them by a safety net. Aluminium profiles are being framed at present.

„The facade of Silesia Business Park will be made of aluminium profiles, glass and decorative, non-transparent strips of white, black and so-called Spectra Red Brass lacquered aluminium. The last colour has particular decorative properties. Its fusion of red and gold creates an eyecatching effect as it changes colours like a chameleon depending on the incidence angle of light. In that way the facade will look different during the day and in various weather conditions” – explained Mariusz Wieczorek, project manager of Silesian Business Park, Skanska Property Poland.

The total area of the facade of the SBP’s first building will cover 7 700 sq. meters. The office facility is scheduled to be ready for use in the last quarter of 2014. The architectural design of the office complex was prepared by Medusa Group. Silesia Business Park is being built along Chorzowska St. opposite Silesia City Center.