Silesia City Center drew record number of visitors

Silesia City Center (SCC) has smashed its own record in the volume of shoppers. This fifth biggest shopping mall in Poland was visited by 15 million customers last year. The number grew by 16% when compared to 2011.

The number of visitors in 2012 is the best score of SCC since the opening in 2005. In 2006, the mall attracted 6 million people, five years later it was more than 13 million. “The tendency was also kept during all twelve months of 2012. The growing footfall was caused by the extension of the center and the presence of new stores and brands in both the old and extended part of SCC” – commented Marta Drzewiecka, marketing director at Silesia City Center.

Only in December, the mall was visited by 1,5 million customers. About 70 thousand people were in SCC on the day before Christmas Eve. The same number of visitors was seen on 27th of December when the sales started.

“Silesia City Center pulls people in due to a diversified offer of brands and outruns the competition. Apart from popular chain retailers, the mall also offers the widest range of luxury brands, restaurants and cafes from amongst all Silesian shopping centers. The extension and additional 60 new stores helped to reach the footfall growth as well” – Drzewiecka explained.

Silesia City Center attracts not only the Upper Silesia region’s inhabitants. The SCC authorities estimated that about 10 thousand foreigners visit the mall every month. Among the major group are Czechs, Slovaks, Russians and Germans.

Between the opening in 2005 and the end of 2012, Silesia City Center was visited by more than 90 million people.