Silesia Star reaches ground level

Budimex is currently conducting construction works on the underground level of Silesia Star – the first office project of LC Corp in Katowice. Part of the ceiling already reached the ground level of the building.

Silesia Star will be a 27 000 sq. meters office complex consisting of two nine-storey facilities including an underground level designed as a car park for 250 vehicles. At first, Budimex will build one of the two buildings. The works were started in August this year and are scheduled to be done by the end of November 2014.

Currently, builders are finishing the development of external walls of the underground floor and partially concluded the construction of the ceiling. Soon, the building will grow from above the ground level. The site crews are supported by two tower cranes.

The total area of the first facility will reach 12 710 sq. meters featuring a separate part (1 030 sq. meters) designed for retail and service purposes. LC Corp will pay Budimex PLN 59,9 million for the construction work on the first stage.