Silesian biggest data center opened in Katowice

One of the biggest data processing centers in Poland was opened in the middle of May in Katowice at 12 Gospodarcza Street. The investment is a joint project of TKP SA, a telecommunication operator and PCC SE, an international concern with the seat in Duisburg. It is managed by dedicated 3Services Factory S.A. (3SF).

According to the company, the modern Data Processing Center is a reply to the market expectations and growing needs of IT, telecommunication, software-house companies, universities, and the Business Process Outsourcing sector.

The data center established in Katowice is the first stage of the investment covering 800 sq. meters. Its performance is ensured by the engineering team supervising all systems on 24/7 basis. The center is linked with the telecommunication network through four independent optic fiber connectors. The company makes available the 3S optic fiber network. The facility is guarded, provided with CCTV monitoring, fire safety system, air conditioning and dust protection systems as well as independent heavy duty power lines.

“Our goal was to create a modern and safe data center built according to TIER III standards and we made it. Our clients are able to trust its data to one of the biggest data processing centers in Poland. Together with opening the first stage, which includes 220 cabinets available for hire, we start the construction of another hall” – said Zbigniew Szkaradnik, President of 3SF.

The investment consists of a few stages and assumes construction of the data center according to TIER III and TIER II standards covering approximately 4 000 sq. meters in total. The first location is Katowice, another – representing an auxiliary center – in Bytom. Total value of the investment is PLN 40 million.

The 3SF center is located within the area of “Mrówcza Górka”. The land is intended for investments of new technologies’ sector by the City of Katowice.

“It is a valuable business-wise place. We hope that proximity of large and modern data center will positively influence the development of the land and make it more attractive. The region has all the predispositions to compete with major centers of this type in Poland without any complexes” – Paweł Szumski, Vice-president of 3SF.

© 3Services Factory; Data Processing Center opened in Katowice
© 3Services Factory; Data Processing Center opened in Katowice

source: 3Services Factory