Silesian Museum shows extension plans

Despite the construction of the Silesian Museum’s new seat is still underway, a concept work has been already commenced on the future extension of the complex. On Tuesday Leszek Jodliński, director of the Museum, presented a draft design of the land development to be implemented in the years to come.

The fore-mentioned area is situated north from the new seat and is also part of the former “Katowice” coal mine. The post industrial buildings, being currently out of use, will be adapted to cultural purposes.

“We would like to create there galleries, workshops, offices, exposition rooms and even lofts. Together with the consortium of Nova Studio and Vertigo Architekci, we have prepared three different possible concepts of the area’s revitalization. A scale of the undertaking will depend on the available funding. We estimated that the cost of works will amount from PLN 67 to more than 100 million. Also it is possible to conduct the project in stages” – said Leszek Jodliński.

The Silesian Museum will apply for the financial help of the European Union for the years 2014-2020 to implement the ideas.

The revitalization will embrace several post-mining facilities. Buildings complex of the “Bartosz” mine shaft will be a heart of the second stage. The design reminds a green hill with several spaces of different purposes – sport activity, leisure area, design spaces, concerts. The site will be still a place of such events like Tauron Nowa Muzyka, Industriada or Night in the Museum.

The northern part of the second stage will be easily connected with the new seat of the southern area within the “Katowice” coal mine’s complex.