Skanska is gaining momentum on Chorzowska St.

After the delivery of the building A of Silesia Business Park at the end of 2014, Skanska will open the second office facility in the months to come. Additionally, preparatory works have been commenced on foundations of the buildings C and D.

„We have already put the final beam at the top of the building B. Works on the elevation are underway and we will finish it in June. It is expected to deliver the second facility in the turn of August and September this year” – says Mariusz Wieczorek, project manager at Skanska Property Poland. Capgemini, the first tenant of the building B, will occupy 5 600 sq. meters (six top floors) and will move in just after the opening. Also, HDS Polska – the second tenant of the building B – will open a quick service restaurant on the ground floor.

Works on the building C will be most probably launched this spring. „The decision has been made to erect all the four buildings of Silesia Business Park, however we need to wait for the final schedule saying when the construction work would be started on the last two facilities” – Mariusz Wieczorek adds. Ground works have been commenced a few weeks ago. A two-storey footing, designed as a car park, will be built in the first instance. The developer needs about 18 months to raise one building from the ground up.

Each of the four buildings of Silesia Business Park will provide 12 000 sq. meters of gross leasable space on 12 storeys. The office complex is located at 152 Chorzowska St. It will offer around 600 parking spaces both above ground and underground as well as parking bays for bicycles and charging stations for electric cars. The two first buildings A and B have been recently put up for sale by Skanska. The building A was delivered in November last year, where the office of PwC Service Delivery Center, local units of Skanska, Sołtysiński Kawecki & Szlęzak law firm and Enel-Med Medical Center are based.

The Silesia Business Park’s project was designed by Medusa Group architectural studio. Its prime contractor is Skanska S.A., while Skanska Property Poland is responsible for the scheme’s commercialization.