Skanska prognoses to accelerate development of SBP

Skanska Property Poland, a developer of Silesia Business Park, seems to accelerate the development of the office complex. The company has just confirmed the ability to start the construction work of the third building in 2015, despite the second stage is still under construction.

The developer has been erecting the second building of Silesia Business Park since August 2014. The construction is expected to be topped out in the months to come. Also, initial works on the elevation have already been commenced. This stage is to be commissioned for use at the turn of Q3 and Q4 of 2015. The company expects to launch the third stage in the meantime.

„We plan to start the construction work on the third building of Silesia Business Park this year. The exact date will depend on several factors, including the commercialization level of the buildings A and B, among other things. Number of requests regarding the office space of the Katowice project as well as an advanced stage of negotiations with potential tenants give us a great optimism in this matter. Favourable business conditions in Katowice enable to deliver the entire office complex earlier than we previously assumed” – commented Marek Stasieńko, regional leasing manager in Skanska Property Poland.

The company already holds a valid building permit to launch the construction work on the next stages of the undertaking. Silesia Business Park will offer the rentable area of 46 000 sq. meters in total. The first building of the project (11 500 sq. meters) was delivered in November last year. 6 800 sq. meters of the office space are occupied by the PwC’s Service Delivery Center, making the global company the major tenant of the building. The office facility is located at 152 Chorzowska St.