Slight drop in passengers number of Katowice International Airport

The number of passengers, which had been handled in the Katowice International Airport, exceeded 2,5 million for the third consecutive year. However, the airport finished 2013 with an overall decrease in the passengers number when compared to 2012.

2012 was the busiest year in the airport’s history in terms of passenger traffic (2 544 848) while in 2013 the number dropped by 0,26% to 2 544 198. It is less than expected – at the beginning of 2013, the Upper Silesian Aviation Group forecast to handle about 2,65 million travellers.

The decrease was affected by the first seven months of 2013 when the airport handled fewer passengers than in the same period of 2012. The situation was improving from August to December – the number grew in comparison with the former year.

Additionally, the number of aircraft operations (take-offs and landings) declined by 5,21% (28 990) last year. The regular traffic (traditional and low-cost airlines) rose by 0,57% and reached 1 759 647, while the charter flights attracted 758 643 passengers (2,25% less than in 2012).

In 2013, the most busy airline at the Katowice International Airport was Wizz Air which carried 45,33% of the overall volume of passengers (approximately 2% less in comparison with 2012). At the second place was Ryanair – 15,92% (5% increase). The third one was Lufthansa 4,98% (almost 0,4% growth).