Sphinx is back again in SCC

A new eating place, owned by Sphinx Polska, was expanded by another unit. The restaurant of Sphinx was opened in Silesia City Center after a few years of absence.

The restaurant offers over 100 places for customers. The premise covers the area of 235 sq. meters, of which 160 sq. meters were designed for purposes of a dining room. Additionally, a 120 sq. meters open-air space for clients was prepared outside.

Sphinx is the 39th gastronomic unit of Silesia City Center and is the largest restaurant of the shopping center’s food court. At present, the number of restaurants amounts to 12% of the SCC’s retail offer. About 4 million people visit the shopping center’s food court every year.

In Poland, there are 111 restaurants under the management of Sphinx Polska, including 95 restaurants of Sphinx. Six of them are located in the Katowice agglomeration.