Spodek and cultural district to be used during EEC 2016

This year’s edition of the European Economic Congress was attended by 7 500 guests from around the globe. The International Convention Center was the venue of the event for the first time. The organizer announces to expand the business meeting next year.

„We wonder all the time where is the limit. Earlier we thought that five thousand quests was the maximum number of participants. However, there is a lot of pressure from people to attend this meeting. That is why the number was increased to 7 500 guests this year” – said Jerzy Buzek, member of the European Parliament.

The 7th EEC gathered four European Commissioneers, six ministers of the Polish government, 30 secretaries and undersecretaries of state, ministers and deputy ministers of foreign governments and almost 150 presidents and deputy presidents of companies from many countries. 550 representatives of the media from over 200 editorial offices released almost seven thousand publications about the EEC. The advertising value equivalent amounted to PLN 37 million.

The organizer plans to expand the event. „Next year we want to use the venue and the other new facilities of the cultural district even better. For example, some accompanying evening events could be held in Spodek” – chairman of the board of PTWP Group, the organizer of the EEC.

The company is also preparing a few new events to be held in Katowice. „It is possible that one of the undertakings would take place this year and we plan to organize another three events in 2016 on a scale comparable with the EEC or even larger” – Wojciech Kuśpik added.