“Spodek” flies high

“Spodek”, the show-sport hall finished in 1971, is the architectural world class symbol of Katowice and Poland. The Hall, in the form of a disc at an angle, encircled with a gallery and surmounted with a dome, lived to see a renovation. Thanks to PLN 70 million, “Spodek” gained new seats and lightings, round-shaped diode screen, wireless Internet, new fittings, fire controls and high-class 3D monitoring. The Hall structure was fortified and the roof was refitted. PLN 12 million is the cost of the new lighting adapted to HD tv standards. A total capacity of the Hall increased to 11 028 seats. Some of the additional seats are mobile – the first seats lines will be ready to push out automatically from the grand-stand. What seems the best is the round-shaped diode screen which can be move down in any height.

The renovation also embraced the ice-rink which is a part of the complex. During the September’s “EuroBasket 2009” – the European basketball’s championships – the ice rink is going to be a seat of press center. The most important games of the tournament as quarter-final, semi-final and final rounds will take place in “Spodek”. Spectators can use a wireless Internet which ables to connect six thousand users at the same time.

In the nearest future, “Spodek’s” surroundings are going to improve thanks to the International Convention Center, the new seats of National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra and Silesian Museum.