SIG starts new housing project prepared by Robert Konieczny

Sport Investment Group (SIG) is preparing to launch its first multi-family housing scheme in Katowice. A new apartment building will be raised on Złota St. on the border with the Silesian Park. A construction work is expected to be launched at any day now. Robert Konieczny’s KWK Promes is responsible for the architectural design of the project.

© Sport Investment Group; new apartment building designed by Robert Konieczny
© Sport Investment Group; new apartment building designed by Robert Konieczny

The investment will be located in the district of „Dąb” opposite the GKS Katowice stadium. SIG purchased the land from Holdimex. Now the new owner will erect there a six storey apartment building of irregural footprint reflecting the construction plot’s shape. The architects designed approximately 80 housing units for sale including a few spacious apartments located at the top floor and reminding separated blocks with partially glazed walls. The ground floor will house retail premises, a car park will be located under the building.

Konsbud from Bielsko-Biała was appointed to conduct the construction work. „According to schedule, the company will start the works this week and we will deliver the building in about two years. Additionally, we launched the sales and a first few apartments have been already sold. At the moment we do not expect to run any wide-scale promotional campaign as we address the offer to our customers individually” – says Natalia Wilk, project manager at Sport Investment Group. The developer has not yet decided on the building’s name.

Sport Investment Group is headquartered in Bielsko-Biała and its core activity includes financial and property markets as well as sport management. The company has been involved in housing projects in Kraków, Bielsko-Biała, Zakopane and Mysłowice.

Robert Konieczny is a well-know Polish architect and a founder of KWK Promes based in Katowice. He was a nominee of the European Award of Mies van der Rohe Foundation eight times. For example, his living-garden house located in Katowice was nominated for the prize last year.