Strabag expands works at Szewczyka Square

Almost one year passed since Strabag, a prime contractor of the new Railway Station and Galeria Katowicka, had commenced a construction work on the Neinver’s investment. Nowadays, Strabag finishes a next stage of ground works and already started to construct a ground level of the shopping mall.

Construction crews raise currently “-3” and “-2” levels designed for an underground car park for 1200 vehicles covering 33 000 sq. meters and a “-1” level of the mall. Part of the “-2” level is also designed for an administrative back-office for Galeria Katowicka employees. Lately, a construction of the mall reached the ground level in the junction of 3 Maja and Stawowa Streets where a main entrance of Galeria will be located.

It is estimated that about 90 percent of soil was already removed from the excavation. The residual volume of the digs is planned to be disposed not till February 2012. By this time, the soil will be used as an approach ramp enabling heavy lorries to deliver construction elements.

“After we had finished a construction work on a diaphragm wall in May this year, we were able to lay a foundation slab in June. About 40% of the slab is already laid in the area of 3 Maja St. and where the future Railway Station is to be situated. We used 11 000 cubic meters of concrete to lay the slab by now” – said Antoni Pomorski, Project Director at Neinver Polska.

Five of nine planned tower cranes operate at the construction site yet. The highest of these five is located near 3 Maja St. and reaches 62 meters up. However, there will be even a higher crane reaching 69 meters to be set up at the site later on.

A 3,2-hectare plot will hold a complex of six storeys where three are to be located under the ground. Strabag estimates that approximately 115 000 cubic meters of concrete will be used to erect the entire complex.

The new Railway Station’s hall as well as an underground bus station are to be delivered in spring 2012. Galeria Katowicka is scheduled for delivery one year later.