Strabag started ground works on .KTW I

Initial works were started on the first phase of the .KTW office project in June. This month we can see that first ground works are underway.

The efforts are not very spectacular at the moment. The construction crew of Strabag already commenced to build a 325 meters long diaphragm wall. Only then a 13,5 deep excavation will be prepared to lay the foundation of the office complex. Another step will be to raise the underground three levels of the scheme.

.KTW is being erected at 1 Roździeńskiego Av. The first stage of works will involve the construction of the underground car park for both building and the 66 meters high office building. The above ground part of the second building .KTW II (133 meters in height) will be built after .KTW I secures a positive commercialization level.

The pictures were taken on 20th of July 2016.