Strabag topped out .KTW I

©TDJ Estate; .KTW I

The first office buildings of the .KTW complex located in the heart of Katowice reached the highest point of the structure in September.

In accordance with the building tradition, the top of the facility was decorated with a symbolic wreath. The ceremony was attended by the representatives of the investor – TDJ Estate, Strabag – the general contractor company, Medusa Group – responsible for the architectural project. They were accompanied by the representatives of the real estate industry as well as by the investor’s business partners.

The main structure of .KTW I is done. The general contractor continues the installation of the elevation, which consists of panels made of glass, steel and concrete. Currently, they are being mounted at the +10 level. The installation and finishing works inside the building are becoming more and more advanced. More than 90 percent of the works in underground garages have been already implemented. The infrastructure in the vertical service shafts is also being developed.

„As the building is already in the finishing state, we are concentrating on the interior finishing works, preparing the surface for the future tenants” – said Marian Garczarczyk, project director at TDJ Estate.

In the middle of September the K-2 crane was dismantled and only one tower crane left at the site. The road system construction was also started at that time.

The construction process is being implemented without delays. The investor and prime contractor expect that the building will be delivered on the 1st of June 2018.