Summary of EEC 2014

6 100 registered guests, 500 media representatives of 200 editorial offices and the PLN 30 million advertising value equivalent – these are the most significant numbers of the 6th edition of the European Economic Congress (EEC) which took place in Katowice between 7th and 9th of May.

„The organizational budget of the EEC amounts to approximately PLN 6 million. The advertising value equivalent of this year’s edition is five times larger. The number of radio, press, television and internet publications is nearing 5 500” – said Wojciech Kuśpik, EEC initiator and president of PTWP SA Group, an organizer of the event.

According to conclusions of a survey conducted by one of research companies on behalf of the organizer, the atmosphere and new knowledge gained during the congress are the factors which extremely influence the participants’ level of satisfaction. Establishing links with other guests, scope of topics and opinions shared by experts are also very important for the attendees.

„The congress gathers people who have something important to say about the economy. It is the source of significant business and politic information. People go to Katowice to learn more and take part in the discussion. The event makes Katowice more and more important city in Poland and the world gets the signal that a business center is located in here and this is a place to organize large congresses. Also, a huge improvement of infrastructure and development of the City and the region can be seen here now” – commented Roman Rewald, member of the board of the American Chamber of Commerce in Poland.

The this year’s EEC edition was attended by many foreign guests mostly from Central and Western Europe, the United States, Africa, China and from Pakistan.

The list of Polish companies which participated in the congress include, e.g. Enea, Lotos, Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa, KGHM Polska Miedź, Orlen, PGE, PKP, Tauron while the global brands were represented by ArcelorMittal, Google, Hitachi, ING, Kapsch, Microsoft, Orange, Siemens and others.

This year, the number of the congress locations was reduced to four. Next year, PTWP hopes to organize the 7th EEC in the International Convention Center which is being built near „Spodek”. „If delivered and opened on time, the venue would house all debates of the congress in one place” – said Wojciech Kuśpik.