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Euro-Centrum dissolved contract with Budus

November 2, 2012 Katowice the City 0

The Science and Technology Park of Euro-Centrum dissolved an agreement with Budus S.A., a construction company which had been contracted last year to erect the first Polish passive office building. Now, the Park has to look for another prime contractor that will finish the works.

The agreement was dissolved last Wednesday, on the last day of October. Construction work delay and financial problems of Budus – the company was forced into liquidation

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The story of cup-shaped pillars

April 19, 2012 Katowice the City 0

Neinver Polska, an investor of the mixed-use complex being built at Szewczyka Sq., prepared a three-minute video showing how was erected the first reconstructed cup-shaped pillar of the new Railway Station. Through the kind offices of Budus S.A., a building company which raised the original pillars last century, we also present photos of works on the former “umbrellas”.

The original pillars and the main Station’s hall were built by a so called “Katowicka Przemysłówka” …