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New seat of Silesian Museum opened

June 26, 2015 Katowice the City 0

On Friday, 26th of June, the Silesian Museum officially opened gates of its new seat located in the post-industrial site of the „Katowice” coal mine in the area of the so called culture district.

The construction work’s inauguration took place in July 2011. The works were carried out by the consortium of two companies: Budimex and Ferrovial Agroman. The building was handed over to the Silesian Museum in …

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Occupancy permit approved for new Silesian Museum

December 4, 2013 Katowice the City 0

The construction work on the new seat of Silesian Museum was officially concluded – the County Inspector of Building Control issued an occupancy permit for the building a few weeks ago. The venue was officially shown to media representatives today. However, some building crews will still be seen at the construction site to remove faults and imperfections.

The additional works are connected with a moisture

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Silesian Museum invites for visit

August 23, 2013 Katowice the City 0

Silesian Museum invites all to visit the area of its new seat. The event will take place on 14th of September.

Construction works on the new building were concluded in early June. At the beginning of August the committee finished the commissioning process. Budimex, a prime contractor of the undertaking, is now removing all faults and imperfections in the building. Opening of the new venue will take place in 2014.

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Commissioning starts on new Silesian Museum

June 10, 2013 Katowice the City 0

On 7th of June, the consortium of Budimex and Ferrovial Agroman filed the motion for carrying out commissioning procedures and performance testing in relation to the works on the new seat of Silesian Museum.

In practice it means the construction work had been finished by the prime contractor and now the process for quality assurance started. The process enables to find out that the performance of the total building and its systems

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Works on new Silesian Museum in pictures

February 22, 2012 Katowice the City 0

For almost 8 months Budimex and Ferrovial Agroman have been working on the new premises of the Silesian Museum. The consortium works currently on the 3-storey conference area and the 2-storey exhibition halls both located under the ground in the southern part of the building. Additionally, builders crews work on a restoration of two former “Katowice” coal mine facilities, remove digs and prepare reinforcements of the foundation of the northern part.