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Tearing down Railway Station

December 23, 2010 Katowice the City 0

Yesterday, on 22nd of December, deconstruction works on the Railway Station’s main hall started. It will take several weeks to take the building to pieces. The demolition works are conducting by Trans-Ziem. Today, workers tore down a first pillar of the main hall. In February 2011, construction works of the transportation hub, the new Railway Station and Galeria Katowicka will be launched by Strabag, the prime contractor of the investment.

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Demolishment works begin

December 8, 2010 Katowice the City 0

Today, a demolishment of the overpass at Szewczyka Sq. was started. It is the first stage of works coming before the development of new Railway Station and Galeria Katowicka.

Vehicles traffic is still possible along the main Railway building on Dworcowa St. in both directions. „The new traffic organization in the City Center was designed to minimize the inconveniences arising from the construction works.