Take a walk around SICAL

A seat of the Scientific Information Center and Academic Library (SICAL) is currently under construction and the works are moving at full steam, but a virtual journey around the building’s interiors is possible by now. Thanks to an interactive application which is available on the project’s website, we can take a walk around the Center and see the future main hall, passages and interiors’ décor.

© SICAL; screen shot of the virtual walk

Take a walk ==> www.ciniba.us.edu.pl/virtual_walk

The SICAL will be able to host about 1 000 users at the same time. Approximately 800 000 printed and digitalized tomes will be placed in the building at first. A target number is estimated at 1,8 million volumes. If necessary, an extension of the Center is possible in the future which was included in the project by HS99 – the architectural studio responsible for the design.

First three storeys of the building will be open for users. About 80 percent of the first and second floor is predicted for an unlimited access to the files. Last three floors are destined for a stuff use and magazines. The architecture, fittings, furnitures, greenery were design to attract users for spending time in the Center.

“I think we took care about everything. Prosaic things like comfortable chairs and good lighting, including natural light, become very important for people who spend a lot of time in the library. Additionally, the most often used parts of the building, for example lending or return places, will be localized along main passageways for a better access” – said Jadwiga Witek, press spokesman of the SICAL.

A total usable area of the Center will exceed 12 270 sq. meters. The project is a joint venture of the University of Silesia and the University of Economics in Katowice.

See also a video presentation of the project ==> www.ciniba.us.edu.pl/video