Tamex will work for Silesian Museum

The Silesian Museum decided a tender procedure concerning a prime contractor of revitalization works on two post-industrial buildings. The cultural institution appointed „Tamex Obiekty Sportowe” to conduct the undertaking.

Tamex will earn gross PLN 19,6 million for the execution of works. The Warsaw-seated company has to finish the renovation by 30th of March 2016. By now, Tamex has been known for realization of sport facilites across Poland, including stadiums, sport halls, tennis courts and athletic fields.

In Katowice, the company will renew facilities of the former „Katowice” coal mine – a main bath house and carpentry shop, both located north from the new Silesian Museum’s seat. The prime contractor will also be responsible for works on a ground car park for 116 vehicles and land development.

The former main bath house will be transformed into the seat of history, archeology and ethnography departments. The carpentry building will be adapted for the space of educational and cultural events and exhibitions for children. The architectural concept design was prepared by the consortium of Nova Studio and Vertigo Architekci.

The total worth of the project amounts to PLN 29,89 million, of which PLN 19,87 million is financed from the Silesian Voivodeship’s budget and PLN 10,02 million will be granted by the European Economic Area Grants and Norway Grants.

Visualization of the buildings >>>

© Silesian Museum; new buildings of Silesian Museum, map of the area