TDJ announces to araise new symbol of Upper Silesia

On Thursday morning, TDJ Estate – being part of TDJ S.A.won a limited tender procedure for the acquisition of the „DOKP” building. In the afternoon, the company released a short statement on further plans concerning the property.

The DOKP office building
The DOKP office building

TDJ Estate competed against DL Invest Group to buy the property. The winning bid amounts to PLN 29 million. According to Maciej Wójcik, CEO of TDJ Estate, the building – thanks to advantages of its location – will become a signature of Katowice and the region when the planned project is completed. „We want the investment to be an integral and location-worthy new symbol of Upper Silesia. We will be able to disclose more details about our plans after the signing of the ownership deed” – Maciej Wójcik commented.

Previously, the sale of “DOKP” has to be accepted by the Ministry of Treasury as the building is owned by PKP S.A. of which the Treasury is a principal shareholder.

TDJ Estate is registered in Tychy. The company is controlled by TDJ S.A., the Katowice seated company which is a major shareholder of Famur Group – the biggest in Poland and a significant world manufacturer of mining machinery and equipment. TDJ Estate invests in industrial, commercial, office and agricultural properties as well as in lands intended for development. TDJ S.A. is a Polish private investment company, for over 30 years running its activity in many economic sectors including mature companies, development of new firms, investments in real estate, in financial assets as well as in education, science and development.

TDJ Estate’s portfolio includes properties in such cities as Katowice, Tychy, Zabrze, Zbrosławice, Kraków and Wrocław. In Katowice, the company owns development plots in the area of Kijowska and Księżęca streets in the district of Ligota where a housing estate is planned.