TDJ Estate holds permit to tear down DOKP

TDJ Estate obtained a permit to conduct demolition works on „DOKP”, a close neighbour of the „Spodek” sport and exhibition hall. Now it seems the next step of the developer is to prepare a completely new scheme for the 0,72 ha plot on which the abandoned 40-year-old building is located.

„The decision of the City Hall is what we expected. I hope we will be able to disclose more details about the planned project in 2-3 months when necessary examinations of the site and planning process are finished” – commented Maciej Wójcik, CEO of TDJ Estate.

There are no specific statements saying when „DOKP” would be torn down. „We have to take into consideration many aspects to demolish the building, for instance, weather conditions which are critical for such kind of works” – Maciej Wójcik explained.

The 72-meter high office building was purchased by TDJ Estate from Polish State Railways in November 2013. The new owner announced then to make the future investment an integral and location-worthy new symbol of Upper Silesia. The developer paid PLN 29 million for the property.