TDJ Estate prepares to tear down DOKP

TDJ Estate is preparing to tear down the former „DOKP” building. First demolition works are to be commenced at the beginning of December. The investor has also revealed that the new mixed-use complex would be designed by Medusa Group.

TDJ Estate obtained the permit to conduct the demolition works in March this year. The old 72-meter high facility will be replaced by a new office and services complex. Now the company is to start the first phase of the demolition. „At first, it is expected to tear down the lower part of „DOKP”, which is situated from the side of Olimpijska St. The works should be started at the beginning of December this year. It will enable the company to conduct a geological survey of the ground. The building’s 72-meter high construction will be dismantled next year, what is planned to be commenced in March or April 2015.” – said Katarzyna Armatys-Wiśniewska, press spokesman of TDJ Estate.

The developer has also appointed Medusa Group to prepare an architectural design of the new complex. The studio is known in Katowice for its projects of Silesia Business Park, the Golden Enclave of the „Bażantowo” housing estate and interiors of Galeria Katowicka. „The geological survey will let us better view what can be erected in the place of the existing facility. We will be able to say something more about the architectural project by the end of Q1 2015” – Katarzyna Armatys-Wiśniewska added.

The developer holds an administrative decision enabling to build two buildings: 55 and 115 meters in height. The decision was granted on behalf of Hines, which had previously involved in the project as a partner of PKP. Hines had given up on the investment before PKP sold the property to the present owner. According to unofficial information, TDJ Estate will apply to obtain a new decision.

TDJ Estate purchased „DOKP” from PKP S.A. in November 2013 for PLN 29 million. The building is located at 1 Roździeńskiego Av. close to the „Spodek” sport and exhibition hall and the new venue of the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra.