Tenements sold on Dworcowa St.

Polish State Railways (PKP) sold business premises and shares in the ownership of tenement buildings located at 3 Dworcowa St. It was one of the largest sale transactions conducted by PKP last year. The new owner paid over PLN 10 million.

© City Hall of Katowice; tenements at 3 Dworcowa St.

The subjected property consist of three tenements and two out-buildings being part of a complex of seven tenements. It is situated opposite the old railway station buildings. The Polish State Railways owned 7 378 sq. meters of usable area in the property and 70% shares of rights of perpetual usufruct of the land and communal areas of the buildings. The remaining part – the 30% shares and 3 083 sq. meters of the buildings’ usable area – is owned by Koleje Śląskie (Silesian Railways).

It was the second tendering procedure and there was only one bidder (there were no bidders in the first tender). The purchaser proposed the lowest possible price, which was PLN 10,49 million. Polish State Railways do not disclose who bought the property. „Due to the disagreement of the new owner, we can not reveal the company’s name” – PKP’s press office commented. A notarial deed has been already signed.

However, it is known that Koleje Śląskie are now conducting a tendering procedure to sell the 30% shares. The bid call was issued in January this year. Only one offer was made and the bidder is Epione, an owner of four medical centers in the Katowice districts of Ligota, Panewniki, Tysiąclecia housing estate and Janów. The company will pay the initial price amounted to PLN 5,13 million. „We assume the sales agreement will be signed by the end of April this year” – said Michał Wawrzaszek, press spokesman of Koleje Śląskie.

In total, the 100% shares of the three tenements and two out-buildings will be sold for over PLN 15,6 million.