Tenth building opened in Euro-Centrum

The Euro-Centrum’s Science and Technology Park opened its tenth building on Friday in the presence of local authorities. This low-energy facility was designed for assembly and warehouse purposes with office part. Also, a demonstration plant of about 800 modules of photovoltaic cells with a rated power of 180 kWp will be installed in the southern part of the building.

It covers the area of approximately 3 000 sq. meters, of which 1 500 sq. meters are destined for the implementation of new production technologies. Three halls are situated on the ground floor, while the offices are located above on the second storey.

The halls are appropriated for companies which conduct research, development or innovative activities and test new production lines of their products. The first tenant of the building’s first hall is Blumenbecker IPS, which leased 800 sq. meters. This German company expands in Katowice its automation technology and engineering team, and works on industrial robots and robotics applications, among others.

The photoviltaic cells will be installed on the roof and on the elevation from the south side as well as in front of the building. The solar panels will be part of the largest photovoltaic research installation in Poland.

The development is the next stage of the project, which is co-financed from the European Regional Development Fund within the Innovative Economy Operational Programme. The Science and Technology Park of Euro-Centrum is located at 103 Ligocka St.