Terminal A to be modernized

The Upper Silesian Aviation Group (GTL) starts its next investment at the Katowice International Airport (KTW). Interiors of the terminal A will be modernized by May 2016. The works will be conducted by Skanska.

The terminal A was built in the 90s of the last century and was dedicated for arrivals and departures of non-Schengen flights. In June 2012, an extension of the terminal was finished and involved the development of additional one thousand square meters of main hall (check-in and passengers area). „This time, the interiors will be fully modernized and the arrivals and departures halls will be turned into one large departure hall. A restaurant, observation deck and shops will be located at the first floor of the building” – said Piotr Adamczyk from the press office of the Katowice International Airport.

The terminal A will be closed for passengers on 1st of November this year. The non-Shengen departures will be moved to the terminal B for the duration of the works. Passengers of Shengen and non-Shengen arrivals are handled at the terminal C, which had been opened in June 2015.

Skanska is obliged to finish the modernization of the terminal A by May 2016. The contract is worth approximately net PLN 15 million. It is not the only investment being conducted by Skanska at KTW. The company is now involved in the construction of a cargo terminal (to be delivered in May 2016). Also Skanska will turn a former runway into a taxiway and will implement the CAT II precision approach navigation aids at the airport, which allows for landing in much worse weather conditions than now.

© GTL; terminal A
© GTL; terminal A