Tests completed on underground bus hub

On 21st of November, the underground bus station saw a road test involving public transport buses. At the same time, the test was a final stage of commissioning of the bus hub.

According to an official statement, the road test was successful and the station was commissioned by the Municipal Transport Union of the Upper Silesian Industrial District (KZK GOP) and the Municipal Transport Company Katowice (PKM Katowice). The two companies will be providing transport services at the station.

In order to ensure a smooth bus traffic flow, the test was conducted in real-life conditions. It involved 18-meter-long articulated bus as well as 12 and 15-meter-long non articulated ones. Such traffic organization as U-turn maneuvers, buses leaving for the station, various ways of parking and maneuvers on a 70-meter-long entry/exit ramp were examined.

The underground bus terminal is expected to be opened in the turn of 2012 and 2013. It is part of a multifunctional building complex being constructed at Szewczyka Sq. by Neinver Poland in liaison with Polish State Railways S.A. and Meyer Bergman.

Neinver has prepared a short movie presenting the yesterday’s tests. The video can be watched here >>>