The Economist positive about Katowice

In the latest special report, the prestigious British weekly magazine The Economist, which specializes in politics and business, published an analysis of Poland. It indicated the opportunities which Poland took, including accession to the European Union, as well as further challenges in the form of the yet unfinished economic transformation.

In the report, The Economist also draws attention to the changes Katowice has undergone after the restructuring of the mining sector. The magazine highlighted the difficult situation of the city after the shutdown of coal mines and high unemployment which resulted from it. It noted that Katowice has come out of this situation ‘unscathed’ thanks to the change of the sector of operation and focus on the modern business services sector. Currently there are 56 business centers, in the Katowice Agglomeration, which offer a wide range of services and processes ranging from IT outsourcing to customer service and R&D.

In addition, analysts of The Economist pointed out that the city, once strongly associated with the mining industry, now also develops as a cultural center. As the example it enumerated the constructions of a new building of the National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra, International Convention Center and the modern seat of the Silesian Museum. The venue, the site of the former coal mine, and types of new investments are symbolic as they illustrate the changes within our city.

“The position of The Economist magazine as the influential global business magazine is undeniable. Therefore, we are very pleased with the appendix “A golden opportunity. Poland” which includes information about the transformation of Katowice City, previously associated with traditional economy, into the city where over the past few years we have witnessed the development of the modern business services sector. Moreover, it was also emphasized that Katowice, in some areas, offers a better life quality in comparison to Warsaw and Kraków. Another good information about our city, this time in The Economist, certainly improves the Katowice image as an attractive place to invest” – commented Magdalena Kolka, Ph.D., Deputy Director of Strategic Investors Assistance Department of the City of Katowice.

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