Third passenger terminal delivered at KTW

At the beginning of summer first travelers will be met at the newly built terminal C of the Katowice International Airport (KTW). The project enables to increase the number of handled passengers from 3,6 to 6 million per year.

© Skanska; new terminal C at the Katowice International Airport
© Skanska; new terminal C at the Katowice International Airport

The one storey building offering 7 000 sq. meters of usable space is located west from the terminal B. The new facility is 156 meters long and almost 8 meters high. Its central part is a baggage hall, together with queueing areas for travelers, which covers the area of 3 600 sq. meters. This space houses six baggage carousels (by now, there where four carrousels in total in the terminals A and B). The baggage hall and public access areas will cover 800 and 1 200 sq. meters respectively. The remaining part of the building is designed for technical rooms, as well as for the Customs Service and Border Guards purposes. Also, car hire desks will be moved to the new facility.

Both Schengen and non-Schengen arrivals will be handled in the new terminal C. The two other terminals will be used to embark passengers (terminal A – non-Schengen flights, terminal B – Schengen flights).

The new buildings was erected by Skanska for gross PLN 53 million. The construction work had been started in the first quarter of 2014 and was finished two months ahead of schedule. The prime contractor used 500 tons of steel to erect the terminal. New roads, squares, pavements and car parks were also built in front of the new facility. In effect, 400 new parking places were created. Now the total number of places for vehicles at the airport amounts to 1 300.

First passengers will be disembarked in the terminal C on Saturday, 27th of June this year.

Skanska is also involved in another new investment at KTW, which is a cargo terminal to be located in the south-east part of the airport. It will cover the area of 12 000 sq. meters, including 2 000 sq. meters of offices. The undertaking will be completed in May 2016.