Third stage of Rawa Office underway

Opal Maksimum has commenced works on the third stage of Rawa Office. This new scheme is being built in the area of the former Baildon steel works.

The new project involves the modernization of a 7-storey building’s shell. The construction has never been finished and Opal Maksimum decided to turn the abandoned facility into an office building – all installations, windows, partition walls and elevation will be mounted. After the modernization, it will become part of Rawa Office, where tenants can lease offices choosing between open space and cabinet arrangement.

Rawa Office is situated between Szewczenki and Marcina streets. It consists of two office facilities: the 2-storey A building (3 900 sq. meters) and the 4-storey B building (2 325 sq. meters). The third C building will cover the area of approximately 3 500 sq. meters. The investor plans to deliver the third stage by the end of 2015.

The Silesia Business Park office project of Skanska is also located in the close proximity.