Thousands of bricks dress new PNRSO seat

The first part of elevation of the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra’s new seat emerged from scaffoldings last days. Works on the elevation made of about 410 000 bricks will soon to be completed.

Works on the new seat of Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra, brick elevation
Works on the new seat of Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra, brick elevation

The bricks were manufactured in the 19th century Hoffman kiln located in the 130-year-old brickworks in Patoka, Poland. The unique brickmaking technique makes that the each brick is different. The elevation of PNRSO is being lined with two types of bricks: natural and covered with red ceramics at one side.

The red ones are used on sides of brick columns. The various widths of columns and its irregular pattern are intended as association with music. The brick and red color will remind the decoration of facades in Nikiszowiec – a Katowice housing estate for coal mine workers pronounced as the Polish Monument of History.

“The elevation is now 80% done and we expect to finish it by the end of August. At the same time, works on partition walls, installations and outfitting are underway at all levels inside the building. For example, stage machinery started to be montaged” – said Łukasz Wojteczek, deputy site manager at Warbud, a prime contractor of the undertaking.

Entire stage technology in the new venue will be implemented by LTT company. Scope of works include lower and upper machinery, acoustic elements, multimedia, electro-acoustics and lighting. The great concert hall’s stage will feature a machinery which allows to low and raise several parts of the stage. It will be possible thanks to large amount of lifts – one large, half circle situated in a center position, and ten pairs of symmetrically located lifts around it. The system will enable to better present performing artists.

The first concert in the new hall is expected to be performed in the second half of 2014.