Three swimming pools to be built instead of water park

The City Council of Katowice agreed to finance the design project and construction of three swimming pools from the City budget. The three sport facilities will be built instead of a water park by 2019.

The water park has been planned for many years. The City Hall has even been trying to find an operator and developer of the recreational infrastructure within the public-private partnership. However, the proceedings were without results. Now the City Hall is willing to build the three swimming pools. Construction works would be started in late 2016 and concluded three years later.

The facilities are planned to be erected in the area of Kościuszki and Zgrzebnioka streets (where the water park was previously designed), in the southern district of „Zadole” and at the borders of northern districts of „Dąbrówka Mała” and „Bogucice” (Bohaterów Monte Cassino/Leopolda streets).

The total cost of the three swimming pools (with spa areas) are estimated at PLN 55 million. The City Hall wants to choose one company, which will be responsible for the designing process. All three facilities will be built at the same time.