Tower crane grows at the construction site of KCB

A construction work on the Business Center of Katowice office building (Katowickie Centrum Biznesu, KCB) had started in the late nineties of last century but was not concluded to this day. Lately, the building’s skeleton changed hands. Now, the new investor – Maciej Jaglarz – seems to complete the project.

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A preparatory work is being conducted for some time past. Parts of tower crane were brought to the construction site and a montage of the crane starts at present.

According to the investor, a total area of the building will comprise 18 000 sq. meters of which 11 000 sq. meters is designed for rentable space of +B/A class offices. The original 7- storey building’s structure will get a one additional floor on the top. The underground storey will deliver 125 parking places for tenants use.

The construction work shall be finished at the beginning of 2012.