Track works underway on 3 Maja

Works on the modernization of 3 Maja St. are more and more advanced. Builders have already laid part of the concrete foundation of the new tram tracks. First elements of stone pavement have also appeared.

Modernization works on 3 Maja Street
Modernization works on 3 Maja Street

The works are currently being conducted between the Market Sq. and Stawowa St. This is the first phase of the street’s revamp. The construction crew will move west towards Słowackiego St. and Wolności Sq. within the next phases of the undertaking. The renovation will cover a total area of 9 600 sq. meters.

The studio of “Jasiński Kruszewski Architekci” is responsible for the architectural design of the street and the square. The prepared project envisages the creation of pedestrian-friendly space with a separate tram route section. The 3 Maja pavement will be made of stone and granite improved by the lighting, street furnitures and huge bowls holding greenery. Reconstruction of the historic row of trees was impossible as the underground installations prevent planting vegetation directly in the ground.

The works on 3 Maja are conducted by NDI and Balzola, Skanska and “Katowickie Wodociągi”. The modernization is scheduled to be concluded in the last quarter of 2013.