Transport and road investments dominate Katowice budget 2016

Katowice will spend more on investments next year, according to a project of the city budget 2016. Also, a total income will be higher than in this year’s budget.

In 2016, Katowice expects that the income will be higher than in 2015 and wants to spend approximately 60 million more on investments. Most of the undertakings will be conducted outside the city center. The total amount to be spent on investment projects is PLN 387 million.

Next year, the Katowice expenditures will reach PLN 1,8 billion, the total income will amount to PLN 1,7 billion. A budget deficit will amount to PLN 115,8 million.

Amongst the most important investments are four transport nodes (park&ride) in the Zawodzie, Ligota, Brynów districts and on Sądowa St. (PLN 72,2 million). Additionally, two other nodes in Piotrowice and Podlesie will be designed in 2016. Also, approximately PLN 95 million will be spent on new roads in several districts. The City Hall wants to conduct a revitalization of the „Bogucki” Park (PLN 5,8 million) and to support a renewal of a former bath house and carpentry shop (PLN 3,5 million) to be adapted for the needs of the Silesian Museum.

© City Hall of Katowice; one of the transport nodes
© City Hall of Katowice; one of the transport nodes