Two design projects of GKS Katowice stadium

The City Hall of Katowice presented two architectural concepts of the new football stadium of GKS Katowice. At first, the projects were shown to supporters of the club last Friday. Today, the visualizations were revealed publicly.

The projects were prepared by the Bauren architectural studio. According to a contract, the architects were to design two different concepts of the stadium where stands form one, closed structure and lightings are placed on the roof. Preparing the two new projects was a consequence of supporters suggestion to redesign a former stadium’s concept made up by the Modern Construction Systems company where all four stands were free-standing facilities and lighting poles were situated in the corners. The redesign also had to help increase capacity of the stadium.

The first project proposed by Bauren includes the suggestions – corners are built-in and the four stands are connected, lights were placed on the roof – but the stadium’s architecture is based on the former design. The second concept shows a new stadium with an oval elevation which refers to the club colours. The roof is semi-transparent for better sun exposure of the football pitch.

Bauren also made analysis of pitch’s sun exposure which will enable to decrease maintenance costs. An initial estimated cost of works is similar for both projects and amounts to approximately PLN 160 million.

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  1. I like version with “round” corners more. The grey one looks a little like it’s been put tohether with different kind of bricks by a child. No matter what design, I’m looking forward the day when construction will get off the ground;) Hope it will be soon! Greetings to the author of the page, good job.

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